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Design Central is an interior design & construction consultant company. We strive to enable our valued customers enjoy budget pricing, yet premium non-budget exclusive design service quality. Design Central's Hand drawn as well as 3D computer aid design department, offers the most realistic design illustrations thereby eliminating un-foreseeable problems that can arise between design planning and final completion.

Form-Z is a comprehensive 3-Dimensional computer aided design software. Form-Z has the ability to showcase your design, down to the very detailed colour, feature, construction material and lighting effect either day or night, right before your very eyes. With Form-Z’s design illustrations, our customers will never have to imagine or visualize what the outcome of the room might look like. That way we minimize the misunderstanding and misconception that may occur between both parties, thus achieving a win-win situation.

Collectively the Design Central Consultants are equipped with over 25 years experience in the interior design industry. We are able to provide a personalized design concept, clarify all our customer’s renovation doubts as well as advice our customers on the pros & cons & pricing levels of each and every material used. Design Central consultants perform regular on-site evaluation of different contractor’s skills and quality standards, deriving the benchmark to advise our customers. At Design Central, we publish our entire material price list, so our customers can refer & compare, and can develop the best budget solution for their renovation needs.

Design Central teams work closely with several major multi-national material supplier networks. Hence our customer can import rare and special construction materials not generally found in Singapore, adding on to that personal touch.

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